Up!Cycle is Sydney's newest, raddest, indoor cycle studio

It's not about us

Up!Cycle is about your fitness, your fun, your self-love, your vibe, your experience and about staying rad!
Riders are transformed into a powerful and unique musical world and communal experience. It's one that will see them sweat, dance and completely lose themselves in the music in unison with the room.

Be Rad

Push the pedals (figuratively and literally).

Step outside your comfort zone and into our rad studio where you’ll be transported elsewhere. Jump on a bike and get your heart racing at paces that Usain Bolt doesn’t know.

Strength starts in your mind, we’ll help you spin your way there.

Have Fun

You’re only one good spin class away from a good mood.

Unleash your multitasking ability – which you didn’t know you had – and dance on your bike!

Ride to the beat and have fun doing it.

At Up!Cycle it’s all good, baby baby.

Love your health

Or make like Bieber and Love Yourself.

Harness the benefits of a cycling workout while having fun. Aerobic activity is great for the heart and lungs. Breathe deeper and feel good doing it. Cycling will challenge your body and have you feeling great – inside and out.

Fluro tights optional.


Stephen Bowater
My fav jam right now is… Like This (feat. Mims) – perfect for a Sassy Tap Back!

I run to the dance floor when I hear… Believer – Major Lazor and Showtek

My fav human is… My sister is my inspiration – she is an excellent house wife

I stay rad by… Sailing – I love to be out on the water
Becky Dawson
My fav jam right now is... Chasing Highs

I run to the dance floor when I hear… Chameleon

My fav human is… Anyone that makes me laugh out loud

I stay rad by…. Having daily dance parties, in any place that you can have a dance party
Shantelle Ekermans
My fav jam right now is… Despacito

I run to the dance floor when I hear… Hypnotize by Biggie Smalls

My fav human is… Kelly

I stay rad by …. Laughing at myself!
Alex Mearns
My fav jam right now is… Ginuwine Pony and No Diggity never fail me

I run to the dance floor when I hear… Steve Angelo - Show me love.. or Gloria Estefan Conga

My fav human is… My Niece

I stay rad by… Umm.. doing rad things.. with rad people!

Frequently Asked Questions

With Up!Cycle you pay-per-ride. That means no contracts or lock-in  memberships. You only pay for the rides you intend to use.

We provide towels and have water in the studio. Just bring yourself (and your friends) and be ready to have some fun.

Wear anything that is comfortable for a bike. It’s hot in there though, so training singlets and shorts are best. You will also need to wear your socks and a smile.

Up!Cycle is a full body workout -on a bike!

Our classes combine fast and fun moves, heavy isolation for strength, and weighted upper body training.

Our focus is on finding the right music to make you forget its a workout.

Anyone can ride with us. It’s your ride and you are in control of the resistance on the bike. Some moves may seem tricky at the start, but you can always sit back and turn your legs over, enjoy the rad music. The moves will come in time.

We recommend you wear cleated shoes as they allow you to pull up on the backstroke as well as pushing down. Giving you a better leg workout.

No cleated shoes? No problems! We provide these. Just ask the front desk, or book online when you buy your tickets to ride.

Generally you can expect to burn from 450-700 calories in a 45-minute workout.

Anyone can ride, but if you are pregnant, we recommend you speak to your doctor before riding.

Our Rockstar instructors want you to be comfortable, safe and have fun in the studio. If you want one-on-one instruction, they would be happy to help.

We also offer personal training sessions on the bikes outside of scheduled class times. You can book these at the Reception.


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16 Earl Place Potts Point NSW 2011
0404 736 319

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